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My interest in photography and videography started during my college days. In 2009, I along with two friends of mine, Imsong and Lanu Jamir, made a movie titled ”Native Wind”. This movie, based on the Ao-Naga culture and their lifestyles, portrays head hunting practices in the foregone days. Despite being a low budget film, it has been showcased at various cultural events within and outside Nagaland to highlight the past lifestyles of the Nagas. For instance, recently it screened at an event organised by the Ao Baptist Arogo Mongtang (ABAM) in Dimapur.
Taking my hobby at a professional level, I started the La Partum Pictures in 2010. La Partum Pictures specializes in music videos and photography. Some of the work includes music videos of local artists, model photo shoots, wedding videos and photography. La Partum Pictures was the official photographer of first Mr. International India held at Dimapur in 2013.
In addition to being a commercial venture, La Partum Pictures focuses on promoting the talented young artists with limited resources. La Partum Pictures has already provided free promotional photo shoots and event music video for a number of young artists in Nagaland.
La Partum Pictures aims at taking good Pictures which are not only visually appealing but also bring out the essence of the real character embodying the soul and spirit of the Picture.

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